Russian regional programs
for "My Business" ("Мой Бизнес") centers and organizations
We develop complex educational and acceleration programs reputed by entrepreneurs, their effect is proved by both the growth of participants' business activity and employment creation in the regions.

ISLA conducts the selection of participants independently, without any assistance.
For schools
Business teaching techniques
For universities
Programs for development of technology and social entrepreneurship, teaching project work development and commercialization
For experts
Entering new markets: from analysis of capabilities to search of customers and export contracts
For entrepreneurs
We transfer knowledge and experience reputed and used by entrepreneurs all around the world
Acceleration programme for development of entrepreneur behavior model.
Educational workshop aimed at acceleration of participants' business development via:
● Training skills for using modern product development tools;
● Evolving behavior models within the participants;
● Work with a tracking assistant.
How does it work?
Studies show* that successful entrepreneurs from different countries of the world from different social and cultural environments and with different backgrounds consider their behavior the reason of their success – behavioral model instead of external factors – money, knowledge, etc.

Behavioral models of successful entrepreneurs are the same. Successful entrepreneurs apply them mechanically.

We can form and train habits.
Training for tracking assistants and participants
This programme helps develop entrepreneur behavior models through comprehension and consciously making it a habit.

Why is our programme essential for:

For entrepreneurs
- tracking internal teams and successful launch of new products.

For investors – quick analysis of restrictions and team development.

For corporate executives – building a product and achieving the planned growth indicators

For specialists of consulting companies and agencies - arranging a course for multiple growth of consulted / "brought into the track" projects.


For small business owners - to test hypotheses quickly and make tests within "multiple growth workshop" developed within the programme

For experienced entrepreneurs - to design new behavior models accelerating development of the product "around the client"

For beginners - to work out comprehension of key stages and make a development plan under the supervision of a tutor/assistant and experts.

We have combined life coaching with the best world business practices.


The accelerator is based on a unique life coaching and development technique. You can never become a successful entrepreneur without individual values and principles that directly affect motivation and life position.


We provide entrepreneurs with basic tools for starting and developing their business and testing hypotheses in the shortest possible time.
We create infrastructure for further development of the business community!
Tracking assistants
We provide express education and give all the tools for creating the trackers school
We create an innovative ecosystem in the regions
We create a global infrastructure
For networking and business community development in regions and corporations
We bring businessmen together
Into a single nationwide community of strong, successful, highly motivated entrepreneurs ready to change the world for good
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