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Corporate entrepreneurship
development, evaluation and evolution of internal teams
The programme is a combination of behavioral and product approaches. We are aware that technical knowledge on product development is not enough for a team. Behavioral approach helps change the long-present patterns of behavior, strengthening the entrepreneurial competencies of a team.
Efficiency evaluation
Evaluation of the use of functions by a team, retrospective analysis, analysis of problem-solution fit / solution market fit points allow you to focus your resources on weak spots or growth points to get some quicker results.
Product teams tracking
The use of "acceleration" tools bringing faster results in sales. Investment gives no result? Implementation of a new product does not allow reaching the expected performance? You can't decide whether to continue investing in the team?
How does it work?
Studies show* that successful entrepreneurs from different countries of the world from different social and cultural environments and with different backgrounds consider their behavior the reason of their success – behavioral model instead of external factors – money, knowledge, etc.

Behavioral models of successful entrepreneurs are the same. Successful entrepreneurs apply them mechanically.

We can form and train habits.
What is the essence of the program?
The programme helps develop entrepreneurial patterns of behavior, through their understanding and conscious practice to the level of "habit". Employees will learn to develop behavioral model of an entrepreneur.
Why do employees need it?
The participants can find new opportunities, they will have regular chances to take initiatives to develop and introduce innovations in the company, not to be afraid of making mistakes, and draw conclusions from the mistakes made and minimize their cost. Not to be afraid to face uncertainty quickly and with minimal investment, to submit and test hypotheses on product expansion and bringing it to the market.
Why does the company need it?
Many new ideas emerging from "below" are priceless to the company, and employees do not simply "draw out" these ideas, but are willing and able to state them as a measured hypothesis, and to test them with the use of minimal resources, and to make conclusions. This brings small innovations in work emerging every day. Innovations that are caused by caring for the client and keeping in contact with him.
Programme stages
Selection (a group of about 20-30 persons)
Interview with challengers and analysis of up-to-date use of behavior models (60 minutes per person)
Educational workshop (6 days)
(alternatively 3 weeks: 3 days + 2 days + 2 days) including:

✔ over 60 hours of classroom work,
✔+ "field" work,
✔+ additional work to develop p2p community growth skills
✔+ experiments within the established «Development workshop».
Projects presentation
Tracking (up to 3 months)
Assistance in development, training on project tracking tools (optional, based on the programme results).
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